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The idea is to collect as many reviews as possible from your satisfied patients so that you can show off those positive comments to other patients.

Even if your practice has never had a patient make a negative comment, you can still benefit from reputation marketing. There are a couple of ways you can approach reputation marketing for your practice. One option is to claim your profiles on review sites like Healthgrades and Vitals, then ask patients to go there to leave reviews.

Online Reputation Marketing

You could hand out a card with the URLs at the end of the appointment, or send an email with links to your listings on these sites. However, the problem with this approach is that your patients may forget or be too busy to go to each site and fill out a survey, so it may take quite awhile to build up the amount of reviews you want. The solution?

History of Business Failures Due to Negative Feedbacks

Collect reviews from patients at the end of their appointments, while they are still in your office. They only have to fill out one survey, and if patients grant permission, you can then post those reviews to a number of online review sites.

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Our Reputation Marketing service is a very simple way to quickly build up your number of reviews online. Beyond providing a positive representation of your practice online, reputation marketing can provide another benefit.

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As they begin to build up positive online reviews, most practices find that their ranking in local search results increases, and they begin to dominate search results over time. Google looks for these factors when determining how it will rank websites in search results.

Still, many pages simply cannot be removed, and in this case our services default to suppressing search results. Often web pages cannot be removed or altered so they no longer appear when people search. In this case we use a "suppression" campaign. A suppression campaign pushes down bad search results by promoting good ones. Sometimes good web pages already exist, most times they need to be created to some extent.

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We design a program to improve online branding and promote positive search results. Our publisher relationships, content marketing strategy, search engine optimization and social media engineering all work together to put our clients best face forward on the internet.

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We help protect already good search results while making them even better. Bing, Yahoo and Google are in the business of search relevance.

What is Reputation Marketing?

If your search results are not as strong as they could be, negatives can creep onto the first page, causing reputation damage. Reputation X examines similar people or companies, analyzes strengths and weaknesses in their profiles, then crafts our clients profiles to meet or beat them. The end result is a much stronger online presence through the art and science of internet reputation management.

How it is done depends on a number of factors, but the first method is generally leveraging past and current customers in an organic fashion to cause ratings to improve naturally over time.