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Ecclesiastes: An Introduction and Commentary. Leicester : Inter-Varsity Press Eissfeldt Otto. Neue theologische Grundrisse. Mohr Translated by Peter R. New York: Harper and Row Emerton John A. Feldman Louis H. Fewell Danna Nolan. Fidler Ruth. Feng Youlan.

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Ecclesiastes: A Practical Commentary. Translated by John Vriend. Polar Structures in the Book of Qohelet. Lohfink Norbert. Qoheleth: A Continental Commentary. Translated by Sean McEvenue. Long A. Hellenistic Philosophy: Stoics Epicureans Sceptics. Longman Tremper III. The Book of Ecclesiastes. Loretz Oswald. Freiburg : Herder Translated by Geoff Bennington and Brian Massumi. Theory and History of Literature Volume Manchester : Manchester University Press Mandolfo Carleen.

Maurer Bernard. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary McNeile Alan Hugh. An Introduction to Ecclesiastes with Notes and Appendices. The Book of Ecclesiastes by Tremper Longman "Ecclesiastes is one of the most fascinating -- and hauntingly familiar -- books of the Old Testament. The sentiments of the main speaker of the book, a person given the name Qohelet, sound incredibly modern. Expressing the uncertainty and anxieties of our own age, he is driven by the question, "Where can we find meaning in the world?

In this commentary Tremper Longman III addresses this question by taking a canonical-Christocentric approach to the meaning of Ecclesiastes. Longman first provides an extensive introduction to Ecclesiastes, exploring such background matters as authorship, language, genre, structure, literary style, and the book's theological message. He argues that the author of Ecclesiastes is not Solomon, as has been traditionally thought, but a writer who adopts a Solomonic persona. In the verse-by-verse commentary that follows, Longman helps clarify the confusing, sometimes contradictory message of Ecclesiastes by showing that the book should be divided into three sections -- a prologue , Qohelet's autobiographical speech , and an epilogue -- and that the frame narrative provided by prologue and epilogue is the key to understanding the message of the book as a whole.

Ecclesiastes Through the Centuries by Eric S. Christianson "Over the centuries, Ecclesiastes has influenced numerous and diverse aspects of life and thought. Ecclesiastes Through the Centuries assesses the effects of the book on the culture of the various times in religious, artistic, and social contexts. Presents an innovative, reception history approach to the study of Ecclesiastes, by tracing its influence on religion, culture, literature, art, and social thought Explores a fascinating range of Jewish and Christian readings Features engaging and unusual examples from art, music, literature and history: from Thackeray and Orwell, to Salvador Dali's Illustrated Bible, to the inflammatory exposition of Ecclesiastes at the funeral of Queen Mary Published in the innovative Blackwell Bible Commentaries series.

Ecclesiastes by Michael A. Eaton ""If it needs a man who has suffered to write a commentary on Job. Perhaps the only person entitled to comment on Ecclesiastes is a cynic who has revolted from the world in disillusionment and disgust. After setting forth the issues related to the text, authorship, date and canonicity, Eaton assesses the purpose and structure of the book. He then provides a passage-by-passage analysis that attempts to account for the oddities of the text and to show its contemporary relevance.