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What’s The Hurry?

Like traveling or theater tickets or an over priced latte and avo on toast. I need to live my own life, follow my own rules and try not to compare myself to others.

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There is no exact recipe for life, even though many people will make you think there is! THIS times a thousand! Going back to what I said about compromising, I have been trying to stop caring about what other people think about me. Live the life you love! The biggest lesson I learned in is the importance of good communication in relationships. May of this year was the hardest. My partner and I nearly broke up and at the heart of it was poor communication. It has been so wonderful and our relationship feels stronger now than it ever has.

I'm Eleonore, a twenty-something from Florida, living in London and traveling everywhere in between.

Reflecting on 2018: Life Lessons

Here you'll find travel ideas, itineraries, and stories and photos from the road. Thanks for taking a peek! Live your life as you please and to the fullest! We love you. Follow Me!

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It was filled with adventures good and bad and it was really trying at times — both personally and professionally. Know when to be patient I am a big big dreamer , like head perpetually in the clouds. Stop caring what other people think THIS times a thousand! Communication is key The biggest lesson I learned in is the importance of good communication in relationships. What are some of your reflections for ?

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December 21, By Eleonore Everywhere. I wish I had kept up with my French on a daily basis, reading 10 minutes aloud as Dr. Bednar begged me to do. I am paying for it now but thank God my love for French is of the undying kind.

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I wish I had kept up with my mother tongue. I wish I had never lost my childhood friends. Now that I have found them, I will never lose them again.

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  5. I really wish I had started feeding my insatiable desire of traveling a long time ago….. Now, I cannot seem to satisfy this famished heart, no matter what I do. I cannot stop romancing with travel in my mind and I wonder if I can ever be completely full. I wish I had picked up and gone to live somewhere far away by myself for any period of time. Now it is a bittersweet wonder thinking about the chances I never took. I wish I had been braver. Not in matters of the heart, I was plenty brave there!

    In matters of choosing how I live, where I live, and what I do for a living. Oh how I wish I had been more adventurous in what I do for a living. Now I have a lifetime of work to feed yet another famished desire on the brink of starvation. I wish I had learned to forgive earlier in my life.

    9 Pieces Of Advice From Dying People About Love, Family & Vices

    I wish I knew its healing powers are truly for the one who forgives. I wish I had not let family nonsense create years of distance between me and my cousins. Now it would take an army of men and an act of God to even try and separate us. If only I had recordings of their perfect voices.

    I wish I just remembered more. I wish I had taken care of my body when it broke down in the face of injuries, rather than stubbornly pressing on. I wish I had been kinder to myself. I wish I had read more classics and less business books after college and in the years which followed.

    Reflecting on Life Lessons - Eleonore Everywhere

    Now I will never be caught up! I wish I had been more patient and less judgmental of the love of my life, my best half, my partner and my friend. Now I delight in making it up to him for the rest of my days. I wish I knew how to just drop an argument when I can hardly remember what on earth I was arguing about two days later. Only heartache remains after a silly quarrel or even an intense one.