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But this is only one side of the Chanukah story.

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Join Rabbi Danny Moss for a deeper look at ancient story of the oil — and how Jews have misunderstood and fought over it for over a thousand years. Register here. She has an impeccable eye that influences the eclectic mix of merchandise stocked in the stores. Paula has always dreamed of using her creative hospitality skills to provide unforgettable events for her community.

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Now, 2 children, 2 dogs, 50 employees, 4 stores, and 2 catering venues later, she still dedicates 6 days a week to fulfilling that dream. Next up — The Granola Bar of Stamford — a smaller to-go concept. She also has an extensive background on TV and serves as the spokesperson for a diabetes campaign for Merck. An absolutely prolific reference book for the aspiring chef, this cookbook covers techniques and recipes by the renowned Institute.

For those wanting to master the basic techniques and recipes, there is no book like The Barbecue Bible. It will teach you everything from how to light the grill to the type of charcoal you should select and what tools to use. Click here to get a copy today.


Few chefs consider grilling anything more than just a hobby , but celebrity chef Bobby Flay made a career out of it. Arguably one of the most celebrated grill masters, he takes everyday ingredients from the supermarket and elevates them in ways you never thought of. The Big Green Egg is probably the most revered barbecue on the market. In my opinion, nothing compares to it. If you own a Big Green Egg, this book is full of recipes that are tailored exclusively to the grill.

Weber is the quintessential American barbecue, and this book has classic American recipes perfect for any backyard party. Click here to get a copy. LaFrieda is one of the most acclaimed butchers in the world, and he takes his carnal knowledge of meat and teaches you everything you need to know. This book is a must for the carnivore. From online apps and websites to book store shelves littered with cookbooks, there is no shortage of recipes available for the home cook and professional chef.

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Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are geared to the mindless drone who thinks pepper is spicy, and spray cheese is edible. Far too often do cook books cater to the mass population. However, if you look at food as art, appreciate fine dining and respect the appeal of family-style meals elevated than hopefully at least one of the books mentioned above will be enjoyed by you. Between them there is a lot of Michel Roux and Gordon Ramsay at the moment.

Too much gastro-porn in this list. Why this one? No quantities! Just ingredients! Fisher, Elizabeth David, and Jane Grigson. No recipes, just his experiences at restaurants. Escoffier 2nd Edn was the first cookbook I ever bought.

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The New Larrousse has far greater charm than the latter edition, and the illustrations and plates connect to eras now past. An inside look at The Flavor Bible. The Flavor Bible. Heston Blumenthal. The two volume set by Julia Child. Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. Outlines work! Even something as simple as a post-it-note with a few bullet points works. Successful writers use outlines. This is Copywriting — Precise language convinces; flowery language distracts. The more descriptors you throw in there, the higher the chances are that someone with the attention span of a hummingbird will click away unless you are describing the features of something technical.

He would edit his first draft four or five times before showing it to a client, who would inevitably change it again. Without clarity your copy is shot. Overwriting is a symptom of under thinking. Good copy is damn hard to write. When you overstate or exaggerate your claims with things like trumped-up testimonials , you risk losing the trust of your audience. An understated promise often does a better job of capturing reader attention than screaming hype does.

If a product sings when used correctly, but sinks if used improperly, then it is guilty of being both a songstress and an anchor, and this is very distracting. Let me reiterate that rules are meant to be broken, and I am as guilty as anyone.

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Cheers, see you out there. Kelton Reid is an independent podcast producer, writer, mediaphile, and the former VP of Multimedia Production for Copyblogger. Find out how great writers keep the cursor moving on his podcast The Writer Files , and connect with Kelton on Twitter. Great post. It was much better than the infographic, which is visually weird to me. Thank you Ed. Albrighton probably had a look at the Holstee Manifesto.

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  8. As always, useful and actionable. The social web needs more people like you, and more than just copyblogger. Thank you! I like to read things out loud to myself. You catch a lot of mistakes that way. I thought it was just my own problem… Thanks! Good point Nick, I always read things loud to myself whenever I can.

    I think most copywriters coming from an academic background quickly learn the lesson of simplifying. But a satisfying word that suits the curious hunger of a reader is what makes both literature and copywriting work. Sometimes we need a match, sometimes a torch. Knowing the difference is always a challenge. To add from our friend Mr. This is ever the challenge for writers who are both selling soap and selling themselves.

    Ten years of selling products on live TV taught me a lot about the power of words. But every product requires a slightly different language. When I shared an aspirational jewelry line, my choice of words differed from when I sold novelties and toys. I think a sense of humor is key. Your job is to connect with your audience and more than that, to inspire them.

    Love this blog, so glad I found it! As a copywriter you need a sense of humor to stay sane, for sure. Very useful and practical rules that anyone writing copy for the Internet should follow. Like just taking a walk, for instance. Me too! I always plan to have the draft finished at least the day before I send it in, so I can do my editing and proofreading with some distance from the writing.

    Ironically given the emphasis on using fewer words, I think this piece would have been stronger had everything before the numbered list been dropped. It seemed to take a long time to get to the point! Read me. Love it Tom, thanks for all of your great work. Try testing it. But play around with it in your own sales copy and see … rules of thumb are just starting points. The post has made me wonder if I tend to overuse adjectives in my copy.