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The Tale of the Five Omnibus presently contains the first three novels. The middle story of this group is still in process.

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In terms of in-universe time, these stories take place at least a century or so after the events of the main series. These works are all set over the course of the decade following the events of The Door Into Sunset. It is the story of a Rodmistress named Lior and her unusual relationship with a force of nature, and stands alone.

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I've already bought, read, and finished The Landlady and enjoyed it very much! It got me thinking once again--perhaps you could speak about how you decided group marriage was pretty much the norm in the Middle Kingdoms?

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The length of it kind of caught me by surprise while I was working, but the response has been very positive. I thought when I started that I was writing a 20K novella.

Oh well…. In particular, in the Middle Kingdoms or the parts we know about so far , marriage is seen as a way to make life as secure as possible for children: so the more adults are involved in a marriage, the less likely it is for children to be left orphaned or otherwise at risk.

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Group marriages therefore seem like a logical way of handling this in a world that, though it may in some ways seem idyllic, is hardly safe. BTW, while looking for something else I suddenly stumbled across this lengthy Tumblr post that deals with some of the logistical challenges of group marriage in the Middle Kingdoms. JavaScript is required to view this site. Diane Duane born May 18, May. Diane Duane born May 18, is an American science fiction and fantasy author.


After school, she studied nursing and practiced as a psychiatric nurse for two years until , when she moved to California and worked as an assistant to David Gerrold. Her first novel was published by Dell Books in ; Gerrold wrote an "overture" to that novel, on the grounds that he'd rather be making overtures than introductions to Duane. In she moved to Pennsylvania. Also known as the Tale of the Five, The Middle Kingdoms high fantasy series has been awaiting completion since The books center on some of the same themes as her better-known Young Wizards series; those who wield the Blue Fire have many of the same responsibilities as the wizards and fight the same battle against entropy.

Unlike Duane's children's books, however, the Tale of the Five series deals openly with issues of alternative sexuality. Within the Middle Kingdoms, bisexuality and group marriage are the norm. Duane is working on the final volume.

Lior and the Sea is set in the world of the Middle Kingdoms, but not concerning any of the characters in the novels. Tags: boys like us , gay classics , persistent voices. Disclaimer All cover art, photo and graphic design contained in this site are copyrighted by the respective publishers and authors. These pages are for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended.