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The archaic quality of its language, sometimes deplored, was partly motivated by a desire to continue older English poetic traditions, such as that of Geoffrey Chaucer. Spenser remained permanently devoted to this brilliant writer and good nobleman, embodied him variously in his own poetry, and mourned his early death in an elegy. By Spenser had also started work on The Faerie Queene , and in the previous year he had apparently married one Machabyas Chylde.

Interesting sidelights on his personal character, of which next to nothing is known, are given in a small collection of letters between Spenser and Gabriel Harvey that was printed in The ironies in that exchange of letters are so intricate, however, as to make it difficult to draw many conclusions from them about Spenser, except that he was young, ambitious, accomplished, and sincerely interested in the theory and practice of poetry.

In Spenser was made secretary to the new lord deputy of Ireland , Arthur Lord Grey, who was a friend of the Sidney family. Sixteenth-century Ireland and the Irish were looked on by the English as a colony, although the supposed threat of an invasion by Spain and the conflict between an imposed English church and the Roman Catholicism of the Irish were further complicating factors. Irish chieftains and the Anglo-Irish nobility encouraged native resistance to newly arrived English officials and landowners. He may have witnessed the Smerwick massacre , and his poetry is haunted by nightmare characters who embody a wild lawlessness.

For four or five years from roughly , Spenser carried out the duties of a second important official position in Ireland, deputizing for his friend Lodowick Bryskett as clerk of the lords president governors of Munster, the southernmost Irish province. The fruits of his service in Ireland are plain. He was given a sinecure post and other favours, including the right to dispose of certain forfeited parcels of land he no doubt indulged in profitable land speculation. One of the chief preoccupations of the presidents of this province, scarred as it was by war and starvation, was to repopulate it.

In or Spenser took over the 3,acre 1,hectare plantation of Kilcolman, about 25 miles 40 km to the north and a little to the west of Cork. By acquiring this estate, Spenser made his choice for the future: to rise into the privileged class of what was, to all intents, a colonial land of opportunity rather than to seek power and position on the more crowded ground of the homeland, where he had made his poetic reputation. In his new situation he, like other undertakers, had much conflict with the local Anglo-Irish aristocracy and had limited success in filling the plantations with English families.

Nevertheless, it was under these conditions that Spenser brought his greatest poetry to completion. She received her doctorate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has since taught writing and literature classes at several colleges throughout the United States. Frederick C. Luebke is the Charles J. Later, she moved to the American Southwest and founded the literary magazine Cafe Solo. Luschei is the author of several books and chapbooks of poetry including Farewell to Winter and Pulitzer Prize nominee Unexpected Grace , both from which she reads in this program.

She is a poet, an editor and a translator; she has written a number of books, most recently, Witch Dance , in Shirley Maly has lived most of her life in Lincoln; she is a writer, but spent much of her time doing various forms of technical writing. In this program, Marcus reads several of his most recent works. His scholarly writings and poetry have been published in many journals and periodicals.

Matt Mason reads selections from his poetry. Claire Johnson Mattern was a native of Wisconsin and a resident of Lincoln from until her death in A former grocery store manager, McCleery made the choice to pursue writing as a full time career. Currently he is working on developing a series of short programs featuring Nebraska poets on KZUM radio as well as working on a novel entitled Ordinary Happiness. In this program he reads from his recent poetry. His poems have appeared in numerous periodicals and a chapbook of his poems , Visual Language , was published in by A Slow Tempo Press.

In this program, McCleery reads and discusses his poetry, and speaks of the collaborative effort between his words and the images of Clay Walker. Walker is a photographer living in Lincoln and a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His black and white photographs provide striking visual images in the chapbook Visual Language.

During this program, Walker will show slides of his work, and discuss his photography. McCleery recently returned to Nebraska after having lived and worked as an English instructor in Alaska for the past 10 years. She is currently teaching poetry, literature and writing courses at Tarkio College in Missouri. Her poetry has been performed in collaboration with composers, visual artists, and dance choregraphers, and has appeared in such publications as Pebble, Saltillo , and Blue Moon News. Her published books of poetry include Night Muse and Staying the Winter In this program, McCleery reads selection from her recent poems.

McCleery is an accomplished Nebraska poet and writer who has lived and worked throughout the United States, teaching both writing and poetry classes in the public schools, colleges and communities. She has been the recipient of several individual artist grants and received the Academy of American Poets Award in Nancy McCleery has had a varied and interesting career in the world of letters. In this program she reads from her recently published book entitled Girl Talk.

His love for trees and nature can be seen in his poetry, which has appeared in the Prairie Schooner, South Dakota Review and Kansas Quarterly. Robert McEwen has published his work in various journals and has received honors and awards. During this program, he reads excerpts from his Heartwood and Other Poems as well as a variety of published and unpublished selections. Sarah was born in Albuquerque, NM, but has lived in Omaha for the past ten years. She has degrees in English and the Fine Arts. McNamara is a free-lance writer from Omaha, Nebraska.

In this program, McNamara reads from his selected short stories. Constance Merritt is a prize-winning and widely published poet who lives in Lincoln. She has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize twice. In this program Merritt reads from A Protocol for Touch as well as poems from her new manuscript. He is the author of over 20 books, including works of poetry, fantasy, and popular theology. His first book, The Singer , has sold over , copies. His latest work is Becoming: Your Self in the Making In this program, he and his wife, Barbara, read short selections from several of his books and he provides comments on each work.

She is currently a Creative Writing instructor at Creighton University. In this program, Mockler reads from her novel Pride. She writes fiction, critical literary theory, non-fiction, and criticism. Murphy is a stockbroker for a local brokerage firm in Lincoln who writes poetry and short stories. A native of Texas with degrees from North Texas State University and the University of Washington, Murphy has been a resident of Nebraska since , and has since completed her doctorate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In this program, she will read selections from a work-in-progress, Paradise Tossed: A Yuppie Creation Myth , in which poems deal with the transformation of the American hippie into the American yuppie.

Murray has been telling humorous and sentimental tales of cowboys and western life through his narratives for over 30 years. He has drawn upon childhood reminiscences, folktales, and cowboy traditions and his own experience as a cowhand in order to capture for his audience what life was like for cowboys and cowgirls. Many of these stories can be found in his book God Loves Even Cowboys Neely has also published a collection of her poetry entitled Putting Up Preserves In this program, Neely reads from her current poetry.

She is the author of two Regency Romance books , The Merry Chase and Kidnapped Confusion , from which she reads in this program. Oberst studied at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he received his degree in English in His poems have appeared in P. His first book of poems, Returning, was a finalist in the University of Nebraska-Omaha Annex 21 writing contest. Oberst reads several selections of his poetry in this program. A native of Lumberville, Pennsylvania, Palmer was educated in the Midwest. In this program, Palmer reads selections from his ten poem series The Poems of Rabi Ben Erza , which was composed over 15 years.

In this program, Petersen discusses how and why Aldrich began publishing her stories and her consistent focus on wholesome and family-related topics and themes. Piggee was born and reared among the steel mills of Northwestern Indiana. Drafted shortly after leaving college, he served as a small unit commander in Vietnam at the height of the conflict in and settled in Nebraska in after leaving the military.

In this program, Piggee reads from his current poetry. Quayle, a native of Idaho, received a doctoral degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In this program, Quayle reads from his recent poems. Amil Quayle hails from Idaho, near the Snake River. He earned a degree in sociology from the University of Utah, ranched in Nebraska for seven years and then received an M. Grand Canyon and Other Selected Poems , which includes a cover photo of his son river rafting, is his latest work. Ladette Randolph, associate director of the University of Nebraska Press, has deep rural Nebraska roots.

She lived in several small Nebraska towns before completing her undergraduate and graduate degrees and entering the world of professional publishing. She is a successful editor and author. Hilda Raz has been the editor-in-chief of the Prairie Schooner since She is a professor of English at the University of Nebraska and the recipient of numerous awards and honors.

Her poetry, collected in The Bone Dish and What is Good , is described as intensely personal, intelligent, and filled with compelling images. Raz will read from her new collection of poetry Divine Honors , which explores her personal experience with breast cancer.


Hilda Raz is a full-time professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, editor-in-chief of Prairie Schooner , and an honored and accomplished poet. Her poetry has appeared in a multitude of publications. Her most recent work includes Divine Honors poems influenced by her experience with breast cancer , Living on the Margins: Women Writers on Breast Cancer , and Trans , influenced by her experience as the mother of a trans-gendered son.

In this program, Raz reads from several of her works, including Trans. Hilda is a New York native, educated at Boston University. In , she moved to Nebraska. Reed, a long time resident of Omaha, writes primarily short stories and is currently the Fiction Editor for Nebraska Review. In this program, Reed reads from his unpublished short story about Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the induction engine and experimentor with high voltage and high frequency currents.

Reed, a native of Omaha, graduated with a degree in Biology from Nebraska Wesleyan University and currently lives in Lincoln. He is a science fiction writer who has published both short stories and novels. Reed was nominated for the Hugo Award and was the first annual winner of the L. He received the L. In this program, Reed reads from his short stories. Robert Reed continues his successful career as a writer of science fiction. Jim Reese reads from his poetry and fiction. Cacthouse Publishing published his book Worthless as Tits on a Boar In this program, Reese reads from his poetry and fiction, including his work in progress, The Jive.

Reinehr, an elementary school teacher with the Lincoln Public Schools, was the recipient of the Nebraska Cooper Award for Excellence in Education, and has twice been elected president of the Nebraska Council of English Teachers. Robertson is a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her writing has appeared in Plainsongs as well as other literary journals. For the past seven years, Robertson has been an administrator for the Southeast Library System of Nebraska.

In this program, Roberston reads a selection of her poetry. Her poetry is greatly influenced by poet T. Robinson is a member of the Lincoln Chapparal Poets, and in this program she reads a selection of her poems. A Sandhills cowboy poet, storyteller, folklorist, and songwriter, Rosfeld has taught music for thirty years. Rosowski is the author of The Voyage Perilous , a major book on Cather, as well as being the general editor of the Cather Scholarly Edition Project.

Lyon Book Award. Russell, a native of North Dakota, grew up in Minnesota and Montana. She completed her undergraduate studies at St. In she moved to Lincoln and is currently a doctoral student at the Uni-versity of Nebraska. In this program, Russell reads selections from her poetry collection entitled , Red Envelope , as well as from her work-in-progress tentatively titled, The Kindred Fireworks. Cheryl St. John reads from her romance fiction. John is an Omaha native who writes romance novels for Harlequin Historicals which intermingle romance with the Wild West and Frontier Nebraska.

In this program, St. John reads from the first chapters of her books and describes her experience of writing romances for Harlequin. She has contributed to various literary magazines and is published in a collection of poems entitled Adjoining Rooms Saiser is a teacher with the Lincoln Public Schools and in this program she reads several of her current poems.

Saiser received degrees in English and creative writing from the University of Nebraska and has taught elementary school in Lincoln. Bones of a Very Fine Hand , from which she reads in this program, is her first book length publication.


Marjorie Saiser is an award-winning Nebraska poet. Her poems have been published in a variety of distinguished journals and she has made significant contributions to several anthologies, including Times of Sorrow Times of Grace. Her latest publication is Road Trip: Conversations with Writers. She has been a presenter in previous Ames Series readings. Her work is often laced with humor. Marge was born in El Paso, Texas, but has spent many years in Nebraska. She has several degrees from UNL in education and creative writing.

Marge has written several books; one is entitled Road Trip: Conversations with Writers , co-authored with Shelly Clark. Sanders was born in Creighton and grew up in Ord, Nebraska. He is the author of two chapbooks, First Hunt and Gone Fishing In this program, Sanders reads a selection of his current poems. Timothy Schaffert, who grew up on a farm near Aurora, NE, relies on his rural background to describe many scenes in his published work.

In this program Scheele reads a selection of his recent poems. In this program, Scheele reads from his narrative poem Keeping the Horses which was published by Windflower Press with original illustrations by Richard Farley. Neihardt nationwide poetry competition. Schenck is a native of Red Oak, Iowa. Schenck has published a collection of poems entitled Pyschograms and is at work on an unpublished novel titled, The Archeobiopsy de Mark Twang , from which he reads selections in this program. Schmitz was born and raised in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

In this program Schmitz reads a selection of her published poetry. She is a former editor of Elkhorn Review , and she has had poems published in many journals. In this program, Schmitz pays tribute to Allen Ginsberg and reads from her newest chapbook Lives of the Saints Nancy, who has spent most of her life in Nebraska, lives in Fremont. With degrees and background in education and media, she finds that her interests lie generally in writing and specifically in writing for children.

Several of her books have been Golden Sower nominees and several have been honored by the Nebraska Center for the Book. Sheldrick is a playwright and free-lance writer who lives and works in Lincoln. In this program Sheldrick reads selections from several of her plays. Her background includes 10 years of performing with Up With People, an international educational, musical organization.


Karen Shoemaker reads from her fiction. Karen Shoemaker is a poet and fiction writer who received her Ph. She has taught creative writing and led workshops for all ages. In this program, she reads from her fiction, a story that is forthcoming in Prairie Schooner. Her writing has appeared in many literary reviews, such as Greensboro Review and Beloit Fiction Journal.

Elizabeth Fowler

Southwick was born and educated in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently an English professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In this program, she reads several poems from various periods in her writing career. This is her second appearance in the Ames Reading Series and in this program she reads a selection of her recent poems. Brent Spencer reads a new story from his recent work February 19, Ames Reading He is a novelist and short story writer. In this program, he reads a new story that is part of his most recent work. Brent Spencer was born in Maryland. After living various places around the country — Pennsylvania, Iowa, Michigan, Texas, and California, he has lived in Nebraska since His own writing includes fiction, essays, and screenplays; he and his wife, Jonis Agee, have won several awards for their screenplay efforts.

Starita received his journalism degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in and was an investigative reporter before returning to the midwest to research and write this Pulitzer Prize nominated book, which is the subject of this program. Starita not only reads from his book but he also summarizes the lessons he learned from the Lakota people during his research. Joe Starita was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. After working for a number of years as a journalist, he returned to his home state in , becoming a journalism professor at his alma mater, UNL.

In this program, Sauffer reads excerpts from her introduction to Letters of Mari Sandoz. A Milwaukee native, Mary Helen grew up in a bicultural household, her father born in Wisconsin and her mother in Georgia; no doubt there is some connection with her most recent novel, The Cailiffs of Baghdad, Georgia W. Former Lincoln Journal-Star reporter from Hallam, Nebraska, Betty Stevens has published her writing in columns, essays and books over the course of her distinguished career. In this program, Stevens reads from her collection of past Lincoln Journal articles, with a focus on Native-American themes.

Mary K. Stillwell was born in Omaha and spent her early childhood there. At the age of 14, she moved with her family to a farm near Falls City, NE. She began to write poetry as an adult and believes she was greatly influenced by the Great Plains environment and her experiences in rural life on the family farm. Her poems have been published in more than 50 journals and she has won several honors, including the American Academy of Poetry Wilbur Gaffney Prize from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Thone is the former first lady of Nebraska and a community activist. She spends much of her time as a volunteer, teacher, and has been active in progressive politics for many years. Thone reads from and discusses her book, Women and Aging: Celebrating Ourselves , in this program. Ruth Thone is known in Nebraska as an activist, a teacher, and a writer, as well as former first lady. Ruth Thone is deeply rooted in Nebraska. She is a native of Scottsbluff, a graduate of the University of Nebraska, and a former first lady of the state.

She is an author, an activist, and a social critic. She has worked for a variety of media outlets in Nebraska. She has completed a manuscript for a fourth book, which focuses on the topics of death and dying. In this program, she reads from that manuscript. He was also the recipient of the prestigious Pablo Neruda Award in In this program, Welch reads from his current poetry.

Don Welch has written extensively over the years and has been recognized for that writing. In this reading, he focuses on short poems on a variety of topics and the circumstances that inspired him to write them. He also reads poetry from an unpublished manuscript. West is a native of Genoa, Nebraska. She currently teaches in the English department at UNL. Author of five volumes of poetry, her most recent published work is entitled Water Witching In this program, West reads selections from her recent poems.

She has written poetry and a novel; during this program, she reads from her works.

Senryu is a 3-line unrhymed Japanese poem structurally similar to a Haiku, but treats human nature in an ironic or satiric vein. Wheeler is also interested in re-establishing the traditional illustrated book. In this program, he reads both poetry and selections from his books. His fiction has also appeared in South Dakota Review. He reads a wide selection of his poetry in this program. She has also taught composition at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and creative writing at Southeast Community College.

Her poetry has been published in Plainsongs and Long Pond Review. In this program, Whitney reads several selections from her current poetry. Whitney is a native of Nebraska and holds an M. Whitson currently lives in Douglas, Nebraska and has operated two home-based businesses. Stephanie Whitson was born in Illinois, and has lived in Nebraska for many years. David Wishart discusses his work as editor of Encyclopedia of the Great Plains. David Wishart is a professor of geography at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is the principal editor of Encyclopedia of the Great Plains.

  1. Fatal Error.
  2. Edited by Richard A. McCabe.
  3. International Strategies in Telecommunications: Models and Applications (Routledge Research in Strategic Management).

This project will be published in a book in the next five years with grant support from the Center for Great Plains Studies and the National Endowment for the Humanities. In this program, Wishart discusses how he decided to organize the encyclopedia, how the geographical region of the Great Plains was mapped, and gives a preview of some of the more than entries that will be in the encyclopedia. Hickey and published in University of Nebraska-Lincoln professors, Susan and John Wunder, recently had the opportunity to develop a new edition, with chapters that have been added, deleted and merged, entitled Nebraska Moments and published by the University of Nebraska Press.

Over the years, he has been interested in Nebraska author and photographer, Wright Morris. He presented a special program about Morris in the Heritage Room in and wrote a book about him, Wright Morris Revisited , which was published by Twayne in Lincoln poet and writer, Zangari recently published his poetry in Rolling Stone Magazine and is working on his third novel. A disc jockey and Lincoln City Library employee, he has been active in the local literary scene, reading his works at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Nebraska Directors Theater, and the 11th Street Gallery.

In this program, he introduces the characters from his recent novel Community of One. Mary in Omaha. In this program, Zydek reads selections from his poetry. Zydek is a graduate of the Seattle University and the University of Washington. He shares his time between his corn farm in Brunswick, Nebraska and the College of St.

Early works

Mary in Omaha, where he is an instructor. This series, sponsored by the Nebraska Literary Heritage Association, originated in and features poetry and fiction readings by Nebraska poets and writers. In , this series was named for John H. Ames, a benefactor and trustee of Lincoln City Libraries. See the John H. Ames Reading Series section for additional poetry and fiction readings. Banset, a native of Omaha, currently resides in Lincoln, where she is the facilitator of the poetry series at The Glass Onion. In this program, she reads selections from her works of poetry.

This is the second reading in the Poetry and Fiction Reading Series. A native of Johnson, Nebraska, Hahn grew up on a farm. He earned his B. His poetry has appeared in a collection entitled, A Hard Row to Hoe In this program, he will read selections from his works of poetry. This is the third reading in the Poetry and Fiction Reading Series. Sornberger, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, earned her B.

She was awarded the Vreeland Award for poetry in and , and was a recipient of the Academy of American Poets Award in In this program she reads selections from her works of poetry. A poet, essayist and novelist, she was named Master Alumnus by UNL for her distinction in the field of writing. Brummels is a native of Osmond, Nebraska. He has published extensively in both commercial and private presses.

  1. Friends, Lovers, Chocolate (Isabel Dalhousie Novels Book 2).
  2. Whoso List to Hunt.
  3. The Project Gutenberg eBook of Spenser's The Faerie Queene, Book I, by Edmund Spenser, et al.

His most recent works are Homesick for Heaven, and Pearl. Scheele is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He received his B. In this program, Scheele reads selections from his works of poetry. This is his first reading for the Heritage Room, and the seventh reading in the Poetry and Fiction Series.

Kooser is a native of Ames, Iowa. An adjunct professor of English at UNL, and vice president of a local insurance company, Kooser was also an editor and publisher of the Wind Flower Press. In this program, Kooser reads selections from his works of poetry. She is a poet and essayist, and currently the editor of the Prairie Schooner.

Raz received the Breadloaf Scholarship in poetry in , and the Breadloaf Scholarship for her work as an editor in In this program, she reads selections from her poems and essays. Robert McEwen is currently an instructor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, although he draws on his experiences from many states and professions while writing his poetry. John McNamara is a free-lance writer from Omaha. He received his bachelor of science degree from UNO and is the public relations officer for the Nebraska Arts Council.

She recently received her M. Her most recent work is entitled Walking Out the Dark Matheson, A. McCorquodale, C. Miller, C. Ormond, R. Paolucci, A. Passeri, G. Penny N. Piozzi, H. Rawlinson, W. A Description and a Catalogue London: Macmillan, Turner 2 vols. London: Macmillan, Reid, Joyce M. Reynolds, Sir Joshua, Discourses on Art , ed. Robert R. Roberts, Helene E. Roberts, Helen E. Robertson, M.

Robinson, M. Rosand, D. Rosand D. Rossi, P. Roworth, W. Rubin, P. Shattock and M. Wolff, eds. Sloan, Kim, J.

Philip Sidney - Wikipedia

Turner: Watercolours from the R. Sullivan, A. Summers, D. Sunderland, J. Surtees, V. Symonds, J. Thrall, Miriam M. Tietze, H. Turner, Jane ed. Valcanover, F. Vasari, G. Waagen, G. Walford, John E. Wark, Robert R. White, J. Wiener, Joel H. Wildman, S. Winckelmann, J.

Lodge, Boston: Osgood, Witt, J. Wittingham, S.