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Following the curious mobility of texts, objects, and frameworks of knowledge, this volume teases out the diversity of ways in which violence and intimacy were expressed in the economies of everyday encounters on the ground.

Intimacies and physiological role of the polymodal cold-sensitive ion channel TRPM8.

In doing so, it broadens the horizon of debate about the nature of colonial economies and the intercultural encounters that were enmeshed within them. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Publishing With Us.

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Book Authors Journal Authors. Advances our understanding of the connections between violence and intimacy in settler colonial societies that depended on the proximity between Indigenous and settler workersOffers a transnational and longitudinal approach to the evolutions of colonial relations across settler colonial contexts from the early nineteenth to mid-twentieth century Explores the diversity of ways in which violence and intimacy were expressed in everyday encounters, beyond a focus on colonial policy alone Show all benefits.

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A discussion of the radical practice of barebacking—unprotected anal sex between gay men—delineates an intimacy that rejects the personal. This revolutionary way of relating to the world, they contend, could lead to a new human freedom by mitigating the horrifying violence we blithely accept as part of human nature. Charmingly persuasive and daringly provocative, Intimacies is a rare opportunity to listen in on two brilliant thinkers as they explore new ways of thinking about the human psyche.

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Table of Contents. As they weigh our desire for intimacy and explain why it so often fails, Bersani and Phillips grapple with issues as weighty as aggression and state-sanctioned violence. Every facet of the subject is handled with impressive care and intelligence. Intimacies is often lyrical, even occasionally elegiac, but for a book about impersonal narcissism I found it surprisingly poignant, personal, and affecting.

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Jankowiak is professor of anthropology and ethnic studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He received his Ph. His research and teaching interests include ethnographic studies of contemporary Chinese society, especially Mongolian culture, as well as human universals such as love and family bonds.