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Recovery Through Dance Theatre.

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Read Our Story Fallen Angels Dance Theatre FADT exist to support those in recovery from addiction to transform their lives, and to share the recovery journey with the wider public, through dance, performance and creativity. Events We provide a structured pathway to enhance recovery from addiction through: Participation: workshops, projects and training Outcomes of the activities we deliver are increased confidence and self esteem, a platform for achievement and developing social networks, in a safe and caring environment.

They were God's created spiritual beings who were meant to serve Him and act as messengers to His people.

As with humans, fallen angels were given free will. Their choice led them to their fall from heaven and God's grace. Just as Christians take on the nature of their leader, who is Christ, the fallen angels have taken on the nature of their leader. Satan is known by many names that are used to describe different aspects of his character.

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The name Satan means "accuser. God created Satan as one of Heaven's most beautiful angels. Lucifer means "light-bearer" and was referred to as the "morning star. Isaiah says, "How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! He wanted to replace God in every way.

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Movie Info. Canadian filmmaker Scott Smith directs the black comedy Falling Angels, based on the novel by Barbara Gowdy and adapted for the screen by poet and author Esta Spalding. Set in the late '60s and filmed on-location in Saskatchewan, this dark family drama focuses on the three teenaged daughters of the Field household.

Callum Keith Rennie plays Jim Field, the loud-mouthed, domineering patriarch who has intimidated his wife Mary Miranda Richardson into a catatonic state of alcoholism and depression. Middle child Lou Katharine Isabelle chooses the rebellious path in order to escape her father's unreasonable demands. Youngest daughter Sandy Kristin Adams aspires to maximum femininity, engaging in an affair with an older, married man Mark McKinney in the process. Falling Angels was shown at the Toronto Film Festival. Scott Smith. Esta Spalding. Jan 1, Film Movement.

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Miranda Richardson as Mary Field. Callum Keith Rennie as Jim Field. Katharine Isabelle as Lou Field. Kristin Adams as Sandy Field. Kett Turton as Tom.

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Mark McKinney as Reg. Ingrid Nilson as Stella. Jun 3, Rating: 2. View All Critic Reviews 8.

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Apr 03, There is nothing funny about this. Where to begin? Incredible story of loss, mental illness, and family dysfunction. That last term seems inadequate here. It could easily have become mind-numbingly depressing, and very nearly did for this viewer, but strong performances by a terrific cast kept it from plummeting over the edge. Hard to imagine how a woman as depressed as Mary Miranda Richardson could subsequently have three daughters without her depression being diagnosed, but this was the dark ages when it comes to psychology.

The three girls must care for their incapacitated mother, stay out of the way of their psychotically violent father, and somehow maintain a facade of normality for the outside world. There were so many pressures on this family, it is a wonder any of them is capable of even the most basic functions.

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