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Allen, Marcus Strickland and Abraham Burton. Offering a fresh blend of classic jazz with elements of gospel, rock, soul and fusion, Vision Ahead is the first step in what promises to be a stellar career. Operating in this gift is how you give back to the world. Photo by Gulnara Khamatova. A native of White Plains, N. And if the harmony and rhythm are locked in, it makes for a better band. I want to connect to people like that. With the release of The Journey , his debut recording produced by master drummer and mentor Michael Carvin, Beck pays homage to the classic straight-ahead style of jazz while infusing elements of his African roots and gospel upbringing.

And his compositional skills place him in rare company among drummers. This gentle giant is all in for the music and he understands how music can affect people.

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The Los Angeles native and current New York City resident is making her mark on the jazz world in a big way. But the year-old singer made an even grander entrance into the jazz world with the release of her acclaimed Concord Jazz debut, Changes. She has a healthy combination of being strong-willed with being totally open-minded to suggestions. Those are attributes of a singer with a long career.

At only 20 years old, the vibraphonist is blazing a path for herself as someone to watch.

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In her original music, she deserves significant praise. Not only is Berliner a prodigious vibraphonist, she is also outspoken in the fight for equality in jazz. She publicly advocates for the We Have Voice organization, vowing to create a non-tolerance and accountability policy for discrimination or harassment based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and violence and abuse, in the performing arts.

Photo by John Rogers. She continued gigging and recording around town with her band Musical Playground, her trad jazz party band The Sidewalk Strutters and the Masakowski family band Nova Nola, featuring her father on guitar and brother Martin on bass. By , she relocated to the Big Apple, hoping to reinvent herself.

But she took a little bit of the Big Easy with her. Photo by Tatiana Eva Marie. Photo courtesy of Jamison Ross. The year-old Finnish guitarist fell in love with the music of gypsy jazz guitar great Django Reinhardt as a teenager. That has been his main focus ever since. With the exception of 3 players in your list it would appear that the list is made up of the top American jazz guitarists.

Europe ,Canada.. Australia its a big world man.. I think your list should feature more innovators.. It is interesting that you say this.

Wes Montgomery is way over-rated. Tasteful, funky and cool to listen to but No. What a joke!

3 Easy Jazz Songs - For People Who Don't Play Jazz!

No Paco de Lucia? No Stochello Rosemberg? Chet Attkins , Jobim was really influencial as well. Secondly, I believe that his style of playing related more towards the Nashville sound of Country music. This is a great list! How can you say one player is better than any other?

All these people included here are great in their own way! Barney Kessell was born in Muskogee Okla. Greatest lists are always subjective so everyone take the list with a grain of salt. As for the snide remark about Wes not mastering the pick, he very much could except the thumb thing evolved because his neighbors complained when he used a pick for comping and single lines when he practiced so he started using his thumb which produced a mellower tone , and less confrontations and evictions..

Peter Bernstein not on this list he is one of there best guitar players on the planet. When it comes to Jazz guitar he is the man. He is in my top 5 of all time. And I agree with Wes Montgomery being at the top of the list! The only problem with the list is that virtually none of the playing or influence of any of these has made it into my own personal playing! And Pat Martino on 29? What a joke. Martino should be in top 3, easily.

Duke Ellington for jazz guitar / arranged by Dan Towey.

Glad to see Grant Green properly respected. Tragically underappreciated. Freddie was a rhythm specialist but rarely soloed. I think top 10 implies excellent soloists all top 10 on this list are in fact that. The late Ronny Jordan should be on the list. Another guitar great worth noting: Craig T Cooper. I have always appreciated the music of many of the fine guitarists listed but I could never presume to know enough to comment upon the list or the order. My late older brother, Richard, however would have plenty to say about the list, I have no doubt.

He was a self-taught guitar player and a damn good one, too. From time to time I would drop by to listen and enjoy. A self-taught musician, a self-taught fine furniture maker, Richard was my idol. He so loved the guitar and all the fine guitarists. If I had to surmise, I would think, based upon his comments, Django was 1 on his list, though he had great admiration for many of the others listed.

Also confirmed his birthplace right! Many other superb guitarists missing from the list sadly. Fun read. At any rate, thanks for the information and I hope that Baden is on Youtube. It is clear that, if Jimmy Bruno is not at the top of the list, at least in the top five, and not even on the list at all, that the method of collating the data is deeply flawed.

Many on the list are talented. With that said, and they all belong at the top of the list, if they are on the list, and some appear to be missing, then Jimmy Bruno should be at the top of the list with them, or even above them. Although not listed as a jazz guitarist, Carlos Santana has basically one style of sound which is clearly his signature sound, a sound which makes it easy to identify him within seconds of hearing his music. The guitarists I mentioned, above, do have a certain signature sound as well, yet some, like Jimmy Bruno, has a capacity to expand beyond a strict, restricted, repetitive sound.

At 49 Norman Brown certainly deserves mention. However, there is no player who captures the style of Wes Montgomery more than Chuck Loeb. John McLaughlin. Pat Metheney. Wes Montgomery. Al DiMeola. Barney Kessel. My List of the greatest I ever heard. You might as well have mentioned Steve Vai and Joe Satriani as well. Have you ever heard of a gentleman named Jimmy Ponder? If not listen to him. Also you have Django Reinhardt ahead of George Benson? That automatically disqualifies you as an expert, but thanks for you opinion. I am a guitarist but unfortunately, I cannot play publicly anymore.

Imagine how a guitar addition would enhance the song. The bass gives it a much better bottom end to the song. It is interesting that I had no qualms about lifting one of his prettiest and Spanish oriented compositions in which he does not show off his incredible technique AZUL. Only after listening carefully, I learned that it was in sixths. Maybe I should go back to ear training class. In my books, his playing resembles that of Bill Frisell in some of their songs. I would definitely see them again. I hate to admit that for more complicated tunes,I buy sheet music of these two artists and even then, it can be quite difficult to play.

I have yet to choose a Polish Jazz guitarist. I shall youtube some of the guitarists listed above. Maybe some other jazz guitarists can offer some suggestions. I saw Reg play twice live. At that time, I heard that he always took a bus or train to his gigs what a hassle that must have been!! I assume that now he has enough money to buy a car. I guess he would have gone with the entire group he was playing with on the air plane. I do not know of any other jazz guitarists who do this. This obviously gave them a broader range of notes.

A great funky bass sound combined with an echoing synthesised guitar. You definitely do not need more instrumentation to get a full sound. Nathan Hiltz? I remember hearing Nathan in a downtown Waterloo, Ontario restaurant with vocalist Doreen Smith about 17 years ago. If anyone remembers his name, let me know. Your email address will not be published. Features Latest News. Share Tweet.

Want to know more? Peter February 20, at pm. Buddy Raymond February 20, at pm. Bob February 20, at pm. Christopher Nowak September 12, at pm. Santiago February 21, at am. Christopher Nowak September 10, at pm. He should not be confused with Ted Green the hockey player. Chuck February 21, at am. Duffy February 21, at am. Kenny Burrell 8th? Benson 4th… You lost my respect right there….

Namzzaj February 21, at pm. Christopher Nowak September 9, at pm. Richard February 21, at pm. Its not about the order, each one of these players was extremely influential in their own way. John Cole February 21, at pm. Ed Bickert? Bucky Pizzarelli? Frank Vignola?

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  • John Pisano? Jimmy Bruno? Jack February 21, at pm. Jimmy February 21, at pm. Max February 21, at pm. Dave Harrison February 21, at pm. RV February 21, at pm. Mick Minn February 22, at am. Bob March 2, at pm. Christopher Nowak September 13, at pm. Doug February 22, at pm. Derek February 23, at am. My only issue is John NcLaughlin at Jim February 25, at am. Mildly surprised not to see Ulf Wakenius in the top Gianpiero March 1, at pm. Drillon March 2, at am. Philippe March 2, at am. Eduardo March 2, at pm. Danny Strunk March 20, at am.

    Jim Bretzfelder March 20, at am. Patrick Towning March 20, at am. Paulo Casal March 25, at pm. It would be fairer if the names were in alphabetical order …. Mark Arata March 25, at pm. Link March 25, at pm. Robert Moehle March 25, at pm. Alessandro March 26, at am. Robert July 2, at pm. Pete Gage March 26, at pm. Eddie Lang at 39!!! Freddie Greene at 25!! These should be in the top ten. Christopher Nowak September 11, at am.

    Christian Grimaud March 26, at pm.

    12 New Jazz Artists to Watch in - Paste

    Andrew Sapienza May 8, at am. May 25, at pm. Not Manhattan. Brian Roberts September 16, at pm.