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Initial Reports volume citation Sigurdsson, H. ODP, Init. Introduction: geologic studies of the Caribbean Sea. In Sigurdsson, H. Explanatory notes. Site ODP, Sci.

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In Leckie, R. Paleolatitude of the Caribbean Plate since the Late Cretaceous. Grain size of Miocene volcanic ash layers from Sites , , and implications for source areas and dispersal. Neogene planktonic foraminifer biostratigraphy at Site , western Caribbean Sea. Synthetic seismogram generation and seismic facies to core lithology correlation for Sites , , and Interpretation of burial history and rebound from loading experiments and occurrence of microstylolites in mixed sediments of Caribbean Sites and Alkenone unsaturation estimates of sea-surface temperatures at Site over a full glacial cycle.

Neogene calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of Sites , , and , Caribbean Sea. Magnetic studies of selected sediments. A comparative study of diagenetic pathways in sediments of the Caribbean Sea: highlights from pore-water results. Microbial origin of microcrystalline carbonate sediment and cements filling fractures in basalts recovered at Site , Caribbean Sea. Paleogene radiolarians from Sites , , and in the Caribbean.

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Terrigenous matter and dispersed ash in sediment from the Caribbean Sea: results from Leg The Caribbean carbonate crash at the middle to late Miocene transition: linkage to the establishment of the modern global ocean conveyor. High-resolution, downhole, and nondestructive core measurements from Sites and in the Caribbean Sea: application to the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum.

Geochronology and petrology of the igneous basement at the Lower Nicaraguan Rise, Site Late Neogene benthic stable isotope record of Ocean Drilling Program Site implications for Caribbean paleoceanography, organic carbon burial, and the Messinian Salinity Crisis. Paleoceanography, 19 1.

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Nature London, U. Clayton, T. Indirect climatic control of the clay mineral composition of Quaternary sediments from the Cariaco basin, northern Venezuela ODP Site Cretaceous foraminifera and the evolutionary history of planktic photosymbiosis. Driscoll, N.

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Solana, L. Acedo, and A. Santos , Heat capacity of square-well fluids of variable width , Molecular Physics , vol. Tildesley , Computer Simulation of Liquid , Waseda , The Structure of Non-crystalline Materials , Ashcroft, D.

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Stroud, F. Seitz, D. Turnbull, and H. Eirenreich , Solid State Physics , Caccamo, G. Giunta, G. Malescio, and. Sarkisov , 17 G. Sarkisov , Mol. Phys , vol.

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Labik, P. Malijevski, and. Hafner , From Hamiltonians to Phase Diagrams , Martynov , Fundamental Theory of Fluids. Methods of Distribution Functions , Fiolhais, J. Perdew, S. Armster, J. Mclaren, and M. Brajczewska , Erratum: Dominant density parameters and local pseudopotentials for simple metals , Physical Review B , vol. Jakse and A. Boulahbak, N. Jakse, J. Wax, and J.


Bretonnet , Transferable pair potentials for the description of liquid alkali metals , The Journal of Chemical Physics , vol. Ichimaru and K.

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    Liang, Z. Zhu, and C. Liu , Microstructural analysis of the radial distribution function for liquid and amorphous Al , Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter , vol. Dong, R. Lui, A. Yu, R. Zou, and J. Li , Simulation study of the evolution mechanisms of clusters in a large-scale liquid Al system during rapid cooling processes , Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter , vol. Largo, F.


    An angle and curvature radius of the tube significantly affect radiation pattern and intensity of this antenna. In this paper, we theoretically study the model of the plasma loop antenna, which is a flat layer of plasma on a metal substrate with a small bending angle. Radiation patterns and energy transformation coefficients of the surface wave have been calculated for various parameters of the problem. Radiation patterns have one petal with a maximum at acute angles. Manuscript submitted Fd; Skip to main content.